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Dennis Yuen's Porfolio - artist, designer, technologist

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Latest Comments

Susana about Thick Long-stitch
Tue, 04.10.2016 04:47
I like very much the way you u se paper as poetic matter. Ver y inspirational.
Olaya Balcells about Artist - Olaya Balcells
Tue, 16.06.2015 17:40
Dennis, you post this entry on 2007... but it is the first t ime I see it! Even late many t hanks! Congratulations [...]
Paul Thomson about Secret Belgian Binding
Sun, 05.04.2015 05:39
Hello! A fantastic tutorial , thanks for taking the time t o make it. Just a quick one to let you know that Iíve [...]
Fri, 02.05.2014 18:10
Gostei muito, obrigada. Gosta va de aprender outro tipo de c osturas.
Sun, 27.04.2014 04:55
I use Tyvek (I use those inde structible envelopes from the post office) to reinforce any area of a spine I am cut [...]
Catherine Lucas about Thick Long-stitch
Tue, 08.10.2013 08:27
I so want to try this way of b inding. Looks very difficult b ut I have been looking at it f or ages... Thanks for in [...]